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Revitalization of old industrial bases of Northeast region. Creating unlimited business opportunities for manufacturing industry


Northeast China, an important base of raw material and heavy chemical enterprise in China, consists of Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang provinces and the four eastern Inner Mongolia cities. After liberation(since 1949), the national key investment laid a solid industrial foundation for the base. Since the reform and opening-up(since 1978), industries such as automobile industry, aerospace, metallurgy, petroleum, electric construction, etc. have developed dramatically. Especially with the launching of State’s revitalization of old industrial bases in Northeast region, the Northeast equipment manufacturing has made great progress.. The exhibition continuously provides the exhibiting enterprises with trade and cooperation opportunities.


Excellent geographical position, convenient visiting conditions


Held in Shenyang, is the central city in Northeast Chinese, is a transportation hub in Northeast China, is China's important industrial base of material distributing center. At the same time with adjacent to the north and South Korea, Japan, the Russian geographical advantage. It is by virtue of the center position of the appeal and the huge market potential, radiation force is more and more widely, becoming more influential. Approved by the State Council on 2010 in Anshan, Fushun, covering Shenyang, Benxi, Yingkou, Fuxin, Liaoyang, Tieling 8 cities "Shenyang economic zone" for the "national model industry comprehensive reform pilot area" "implementation of urban construction, economic, market integration" "new industrialization" and "one hour traffic network", will further promote the industrial development and rapid economic development.


Organized by Government, supported by industries, new business opportunities are co-created


列入其中,2018 年东北自动化展升级为“东北智造展”,推动制造业转型,提升机器人产业的影响力,促进东北老工业基地的再次振兴!



"Exhibition" industrial automation and instrumentation in the Northeast was founded in 1999, after ten years of careful cultivation, has become the Northeast history is the longest, largest, most influential industry exhibition. The first seventeen exhibition a total of 4367 enterprises in more than 10 countries and more than 30domestic provinces and cities exhibitors, the number of visitors totaling 600000.This year, we will include the robot industry, which will be upgraded to "northeast intellectual exhibition" in 2018, promote the transformation of manufacturing industry, enhance the influence of the robot industry, and promote the revitalization of the old industrial base in northeast China.

The last event by Chinese Machinery Industry Federation, Chinese international trade China appliance industry association, promote the host Committee of Liaoning Province branch of the Shenyang Municipal People's government, guidance, and get Chinese die & Mould Industry Association and other industry hundred Association for their support, attracted from countries of Germany, Italy, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Russia, USA such as the UK, Taiwan, Hongkong, Shenzhen and China, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Liaoning, Jiangxi, Hunan, Hubei, Yunnan, Sichuan and other provinces and cities more than 2000 exhibitors. Professional audience from the automobile manufacturing, aerospace, metal processing, mold processing, machinery manufacturing, construction, engineering machinery and other industries, the enterprises to build a strong platform for the promotion of.

In 2019, China Merchants work has already begun, as the main organizer will strive to build first-class enterprises at home and abroad for the "display products, famous enterprise" platform. Here, we sincerely welcome overseas enterprise support and join in, with a total of innovation opportunities!


Analysis of visitors during last exhibition


Total number of visitors in the last exhibition: 5From over 30 domestic and overseas regions, most of which are from the three provinces of Northeast China, accounting for 90%; involving over 30 industries.

观众所属行业图表:                                         观众职务分析表:


The eight exhibition hall, the grand scale


The eight exhibition hall will be open at the same time, grand, of great momentum: held in Shenyang International Exhibition Center site --, is from Shenyang City Hall full investment in the construction of large-scale exhibition and conference rooms, the northeast is the largest, most advanced exhibition venues, indoor exhibition area of 105600 square meters, outdoor exhibition area of 200000 square meters, the comprehensive service area 40000 square meters, has the internationalization, high intelligent level. The overall scale of ranking the fifth place, the Northeast's first.

【参展程序】Exhibition procedure


The exhibiting unit and the organizing committee sign the exhibition contract with official seal on, and fax or mail to 0086-024-23922432;


Pay full exhibition cost 5 work days after signing the contract, or pay at least 50% of the total cost as earnest money. The organizing committee has rights to modify the exhibiting unit booth if no payment is made within 5 work days.


If only down payment is made within 5 days, the rest fees must be settled before Feb. 31st, 2019.



The booth distribution is arranged in sequence of payment delivery. After remittance, please fax the remittance certificate issued by the bank in time to the organizing committee. For booth of units that doesn't make regulated reports or owes money, the organizing committee has rights to make other arrangements, without down payment returned.

◆汇款方式Method of remittance::


collection unit: Liaoning Northern Industry & Business Exhibition Service Co.,Ltd.


Bank of deposit: Shenyang Nanhu Branch of Agricultural Bank


Bank account no.: 06-150001040009355





【参展费用】Exhibition cost

I. 室内净地Open space in the exhibition site:

海外企业External enterprises should pay U.S. $ 300/ m2.

海内企业Domestic enterprises should pay RMB¥800/m2 .The minimum space is 36 m2. In the space there are no any facilities. The exhibition stand is to be erected by the exhibitor or the special installation company. The management fee of the special installation is undertaken by the exhibitor or the special installation company itself.

II. 国际标准展位(3mx3m)Standard boothsh :

External enterprises should pay U.S.$ 3000 for each booth of 3m×3m.

Domestic enterprises should pay RMB¥7,500 for each booth of 3m×3m,

Pay an extra of 10% of the charge for any corner booth.

There are 3-sides of enclosure, a lintel with the unit name in Chinese, 2 fluorescent lamps, 1 desk, 2 chairs, and a 220V power socket (for power electricity, an application should be made ahead of time, an extra fee should be charged)


Note: Basic equipments contain: three side (or two side) poster, one board with the co. name, two spotlights, one table and two chairs, one 5A/220V socket.


【参展报名 请联系】

[Signing up for the exhibition Please contact]


Liaoning Northern Industry & Business Exhibition Co., Ltd

联系人:王丽   15242018347 Contact:Wangli

Tel电话:024-31881714  23921795



Address: 5F, No.93 Sanhao Street, Heping District, Shenyang, China.

Postcode: 110004



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